Difford’s Guide to Cocktails Fifteenth Edition

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Author(s): Simon Difford
Published: October 2020
Format: Hardback (case bound) 562 pages
Height (mm): 253
Width (mm): 195
Depth (mm): 52
Format: Hardback

“Have you seen the price your books are online and when is the next one out?” paraphrases the emails I’ve been receiving. And I have, as much as £298.41 for a used copy of Difford’s Guide to Cocktails Twelfth Edition. Please don’t buy one at any price!

We published the last English language edition of our book, the Twelfth Edition, back in July 2016. Our French publisher, Marabout, sold their edition of this book much quicker than we did, so they asked me to send them new cocktails and amends so they could publish a 13th edition.

Then early last year our long-suffering UK book distributor started asking when we’d be producing a new book as he'd sold out of the last English edition. Plus, our French friends asked for a 14th edition.

Truth is I’m constantly updating cocktails on this website and am adding 600+ new cocktails to the site each year. Hence, I don’t really think about when to write a new edition, it’s more a case of when there's been sufficient change to justify selecting 3,000 of them for a new book.

That point had most definitely come last year and I delivered the copy for the 14th French edition last summer. However, in the UK we self-publish so there’s no deadline set under a contract and as I worked through the copy for the 14th edition I noticed things I’d like to change and improve. So for the English edition I started what I thought would be a few weeks of adding and tweaking. That turned into another year so I decided to jump straight to Difford's Guide to Cocktails Fifteenth Edition.

The extra time has also allowed me to re-make a lot of our old recipes for Dan, our long-standing photographer and designer, to reshoot. Plus Dan has tweaked his design and the proofs look great.

This is the most comprehensive cocktail book we have ever produced with 3,000 cocktails all accompanied by a photograph. Of these 600 are new and 900 updated from our last English edition (Twelfth). Our Fifteenth Edition is at the printers now (see video above) and we are scheduled to receive books the 1st week of October.

Due to Covid, unlike previous editions, we simply can't afford to pass the majority of revenues from sales of our book to retailers such as Amazon. Hence we will be selling ourselves directly from this page and the sale of every book will support this website.

Difford's Guide to Cocktails Fifteenth Edition will have a cover price of £32.95 but we'll be selling for £28 plus postage (£4.95 in the UK).

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