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Oloroso sherry
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Fix One's Flint image

Fix One's Flint

While the name may suggest aggression this aperitivo is gentle, caressing, and only moderately flinted in alcohol.

Greenbriar image


The style of sherry used classically in this Bamboo-style aperitivo is unknown as it is not recorded. We tried fino and amontillado before deciding that

Adonis image


Delicate, off-dry and aromatic. A great aperitif cocktail.

Alcatraz image


Dry and lightly bitter, this tequila-based sipper makes for a great aperitif cocktail.

Artist's Special Cocktail image

Artist's Special Cocktail

Irish whiskey is often matured in oloroso sherry seasoned casks so it's no surprise that whiskey and sherry blend harmoniously in this cocktail, with lemon

Banana Bliss image

Banana Bliss

Banana liqueur and brandy go shockingly well together, here toned with sherry and bitters.

Beginning of the End image

Beginning of the End

Burnt orange oils add smoky notes, complexity and balance to this bittersweet drink. A perfect after-dinner cocktail.

Dutch Artist's Special image

Dutch Artist's Special

Bready genever is aromatised with sherry and kirsch while red currant syrup provides the main flavour with its richness balanced by lemon juice.

Fog Cutter image

Fog Cutter

Don't be fooled by this seemingly innocuous orange-yellow long, fruity cocktail. It packs a serious punch with sweet almond notes masking its rum, gin

Late Night image

Late Night

This boozy stirred drink hits a perfect balance between sweet fruity pear, rich oloroso sherry and fortifying cognac.

Malecon Cocktail image

Malecon Cocktail

Best described as a fortified wine rich Daiquiri.

Scotch Adonis image

Scotch Adonis

Some Scotch whiskies benefit from the influence of maturation in sherry wine-infused casks. However, this cocktail amplifies the fortified wine influence

Sherry Cobbler image

Sherry Cobbler

This age old cocktail is said to have been the drink for which the waxed paper straw was invented. To quote Harry Johnson, from his 1882 Bartender's Manual,

Sherry Herbst image

Sherry Herbst

Subtle vermouth and falernum sweetness takes the edge off this after-dinner whiskey charged, sipper of a cocktail.

Thunder In Paradise image

Thunder In Paradise

Sherry, orgeat and cream of coconut are unlikely bedfellows, but all combine harmoniously with lime juice in this rum-laced Tiki-style cocktail.

Top Banana image

Top Banana

Not the simple sweetie the name might suggest. Made with rum, banana, spice, and all things nice.

1920s Artist image

1920s Artist

Despite its soft salmon pink hue this cocktail is boozy with Irish whiskey and sherry to the fore. Oloroso sherry and dry vermouth balance each other harmoniously

Argha Noah image

Argha Noah

Delicately spiced, honeyed and sherried aged rum.

Brandy Club Cocktail image

Brandy Club Cocktail

Cognac and zesty orange curacao with sherry. The sugary rim is essential to the balance of this drink.

Gilbey Vintner's Punch image

Gilbey Vintner's Punch

Created in 2015 by Chris Strong, The Luggage Room, London, England.