The competition
The competition

The competition

Words by Sammy Hemmings

Photography by Fabbri

Lady Amarena is the annual bartending contest challenging professional female bartenders to craft the ultimate Amarena cocktail, running from June to September.

Fabbri was founded in 1905 by Gennaro Fabbri as a small family-run distillery. Today, the company is a renowned Italian brand best-known for its amarena cherries in syrup made from the original recipe invented by Rachele Fabbri, Gennaro's wife. In 1915, Gennaro Fabbri commissioned the Faenza ceramist Riccardo Gatti to create the iconic floral jar as a gift to Rachele for her cherry creations. And it was this blue and white opaline jar which became Fabbri's recognisable classic style.

The competition

To celebrate the first centenary of the iconic Amarena Fabbri, the competition debuted in 2015.

Now, in its 4th year, the competition challenges bartenders to compete for the title of Lady Amarena. Judges award points on best professional interpretation of Amarena Fabbri's uniqueness, personality and taste.

Lady Amarena 2018

On 25th September 2018, 19 Lady Amarena finalists flew to Rimini, Italy, to compete for the global title.

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The panel judged taste, appearance and presentation, communication, replicability, with a separate scoring on technical aspects by the floor judge.

The judges included Denzel Heath - Mooteebar Johannesburg (South Africa); Luke Whearty - Operation dagger Singapore; Shane Eaton - Cocktail Pilgrim; Bruno Vanzan - WCC&IBA Champion, Bartender and Infleuncer; Carolina Ogliaro – Blogger; Angelo Donnaloia - President of AIBeS (Italian Association of Bartenders & Partners) as Technical Judge.

Second place in Lady Amarena 2018 was awarded to Shi Qian from China, with her Paradiso cocktail which pays homage to Giuseppe Tornatore's film Nuovo Cinema Paradiso. Francesca Lolli from Italy came third place, after winning the Italian final on 24th September with her La Merenda cocktail, inspired by her childhood memories.

The winner

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Andriani Vladimirou, from Four Seasons Hotel in Limassol, representing Cyprus, was crowned Lady Amarena 2018 with her winning cocktail Rumarena inspired by Italian culture and history.

Her prize comprised a hand-chiselled shaker, a Fabbri trophy and vouchers for professional bar equipment. Congratulations, Andriani.


Glass: Old fashioned glass
Method: Measure and pour all ingredients into a mixing glass. Fill with ice and stir until chilled. Strain into a chilled glass over a clear ice ball.

4.5cl Plantation pineapple
2cl Barolo chinato
2cl Marendry

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