The Lost Shift

Green Fix by Pasquale Bergamo

Joseph Hall selects his next favourite from the Lost Shift initiative, this one made by Pasquale Bergamo. Watch Joseph in the video above mix up the Green Fix at home.

Green Fix

Method: Put your Highball with ice in the freezer. Pour all the ingredients in a shaker. Shake and double strain it in your frozen glass. Nutmeg grater on top.

40ml Woodford Reserve
15ml Chardonnay
22.5ml House Avocado cordial
20ml Lemon juice
15ml Coconut water

by Pasquale Bergamo, Cahoots

Pasquale says, "The Fix was perhaps the first evolution of the Punch served in the glass in 1856 together with the Sour, which however was much more successful, so I decided to propose it again and to prepare a fresh and summer version of the Fix.

"I prepared this cocktail with what I had in the fridge; coconut water, lemon juice, avocado (with which I made a syrup), Chardonnay and of course Woodford Reserve Bourbon. With the avocado waste I prepared the garnish as I am of the opinion that an ingredient should be fully exploited."

Joseph says, "Avocado is still a relatively underutilized ingredient in cocktails. When used cleverly, it can give fresh, citrusy drinks a wonderfully rich texture. In this case - we have a clean and refreshing combination of Woodford Reserve, chardonnay and coconut - tied together with citrus and avocado. Delicious and thoughtful from Pascuale."

Green Fix by Pasquale Bergamo image 1