The Lost Shift

Kelvinhaugh Stinger by Calvin Ross

Joseph Hall chooses his final favourite in The Lost Shift initiative, the Kelvinhaugh Stinger created by Calvin Ross from Glasgow's Kelvingrove Cafe. Watch Joseph mix up the cocktail in the video above.

Kelvinhaugh Stinger

Method: Serve in a frozen wine glass with lots of ice for extra

25ml Woodford Reserve
25ml Aperol
25ml Lemon
25ml Mango syrup (500g Rubicon which has been reduced by 1/2 & added 100g sugar while cooling)

By Calvin Ross, Kelvingrove Cafe, Glasgow

Calvin says, "With only ingredients that I had to hand (minus a trip to Lidl for mint) in my kitchen I wanted to create a drink for theses warm summer nights. Using a ratio that I love playing around with in the pub, especially when a guest isn't too sure what they're after I feel an equal parts drink like a Stinger helps them settle in for the ride. Equal parts whiskey, bitter, citrus & sugar. It's pretty hard to go wrong and 9/10 resulting in a balanced drink. Also very fun to muck about with!"

Joseph says, "Love a thoughtful equal parts cocktail! Who knew mango, Aperol and Woodford Reserve would be such an effective combo? The mango syrup recipe is something I'm 100% stealing for the future, so Calvin, thanks for that!"

Kelvinhaugh Stinger by Calvin Ross image 1