The Lost Shift

Queen Green by Eve Russell

Eve Russell's Queen Green is Joseph Hall's next selected cocktail from The Lost Shift initiative. You can watch Joseph mix it up at home in the video above.

Queen Green

Method:Shake and fine strain, highball, top with soda

35ml Woodford Reserve
25ml Stone's green ginger wine
25ml lime juice
20ml cucumber syrup
2 fresh basil leaves

Cucumber syrup recipe:
Add 1 cucumber (grated) to 250ml warm sugar syrup (1:1) leave to cool and infuse for 1 hour then strain.

by Eve Russell, Hyde & Co., Bristol

Joseph says, "A perfect demonstration of the versatility of Woodford Reserve - a long, green and leafy highball, perfect for afternoon drinking. Cheers, Eve!"

Queen Green by Eve Russell image 1