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Hundreds of thousands of people visit Difford’s Guide every month and many of these email us with their feedback, ideas, cocktail recipes and links to other websites with interesting stuff that they recommend we read. In turn we’d like to share the best of these recommendations with you.

Trash Tiki, combine sustainability with fermentation and the ongoing quest for flavour in their Basic Bitch Tepache recipe.

Our partners around the world run their own versions of Difford's Guide with their own local content and in their own language. Consequently, you'll need Google Translate to read many of these but the Australian and Dutch versions of Difford's Guide are handily in English. Here's some of their pieces you might enjoy:
Australia - Meet James Buntin the Whisky Ambassador
Netherlands - Know your tea! Oolong: the what and how
Netherlands - Ten tough questions for Julian Bayuni

Albert Swift, who describes himself as a "green aware discerning drinker" asks, "The Trash Tiki movement has inspired the redistilling of dregs in the quest for sustainability, but is redistilling the contents of spittoons recycling gone too far?"
Read: Sustainability in the Spirits World Is Getting Weird, and That's a Good Thing

Justin Tilbury, a discerning drinker in the UK, emailed us saying, "I am frequently bitter, but this amused me and I thought it might be right up your street!" It's an interesting and fun read and we in turn think it will interest you.
Read: How a tiny Wisconsin island became the world's biggest consumer of bitters

Alicja Rymarowicz, our in-house videographer, "stumbled upon this very interesting documentary about bourbon."
Read: Producing and directing a feature length documentary

We'd love to fill this page with more links to other interesting/entertaining /educational drink related stuff, so if you've a recommendation, please email me:

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