Bar Stories

Διεύθυνση: First floor, 57A Haji Lane, Kampong Glam, Singapore, 189250 , Singapore
Τηλέφωνο: +65 6298 0838
Website: Δεν γνωρίζουμε λεπτομέρειες
Είδος: Cocktail bar

Review last reviewed on 2011-10-05

Set above a retro furniture store in Haji Lane, a street of shophouses in boho/chi-chi Kampong Glam, this little place with its discreet sign benefits from the 50s and 60s furnishings sold downstairs.

Cocktail aficionados sit at low chairs at the central bar with its flower-decked speed rail, enjoying cocktails custom-made to their requirements after consultation with mixologists, who are generally hard at work pounding fresh fruit and herbs.

The bespoke cocktail concept makes Bar Stories a hit with fashion-forward foodies and local hipsters, even if it can make for some long waits at the bar.

Our consultation produced a sour-style cocktail based on Islay single malt, boldly using goose fat as the smoothing element in lieu of egg white, and finished with a spritz of orange bitters. It worked, but the mouth-coating lasted long into the evening.

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