Studio2 at Parr Street Studios

Διεύθυνση: 33-45 Parr Street, Liverpool, L1 4JN, United Kingdom
Τηλέφωνο: +44 (0)151 707 3727
Website: View bar's website
Ώρες λειτουργίας: Noon until late
Είσοδος: Ελεύθερη
Είδος: Cocktail bar
Προτείνεται για: Μουσική
Εύρος τιμών: Λογικές τιμές

Review last reviewed on 2012-01-31

A bar in a former recording studio, this space was renovated into a bar in the late Noughties but retained its individual studio session rooms. They now serve as private lounge spaces, while the central space in between, decorated with crazy paving-style walls, is still separated by the original sound-proof glass window from the former production gallery (now the bar area itself). Studio2 now serves as the location for frequent live music performances, which retain the site's musical heritage.

More a place for a glass of wine or a bottle of lager than a memorable mixed drink, it's more about atmosphere here. The Seventies kitsch adds to the charm of the place, but you've basically come here to drink in some musical history - Diana Ross, Barry Manilow, Take That and Coldplay all recorded here back in the day. Apparently it can still even be used as a live recording venue.

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