A Cognac Lover’s Guide to Classic Cocktails

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Author(s): Matthias Lataille
Published: 2019
Format: Hardback, 160 pages

Inspired by The Cordon Bleu Challenge, which started back in the early noughties when Michael Butt challenged bartenders to remake classic cocktails originally based on spirits other than cognac with Martel Cordon Bleu cognac, this book features 89 such cocktail recipes, and so much more.

Matthias Lataille, Martell's Senior Brand Ambassador and this book's author, claims, "The flavour of any classic cocktail can be improved by the substitution of the main ingredient with Martell Cordon Bleu." The challenge and indeed the recipes in this book prove that, in many cases, the use of Cordon Bleu does indeed make a cocktail even more delicious than its original.

Matthias rallied hundreds of his peers to take The Challenge and share their recipes in this 160 page hardback book which also features classic cognac cocktails as well as those classics reimagined with cognac.

Only 150 copies of the first edition of Matthias' A Cognac Lover’s Guide to Classic Cocktails were printed and these will be gifted to contributors to the book as well as key UK Martell customers. However, you can view online and Buy the eBook here.

What's inside?

A short preface from Matthias introduces the book and touches upon a brief history of cognac. Michael Butt offers the introduction to the Cordon Bleu Challenge describing it as “a serious investigation into the art of flavour combination.”

Then comes 101 cocktail recipes (including 12 cognac classics) with a page dedicated to each along with a beautiful watercolour-style illustration. Recipes are alphabetised, from the Alexander through to the Yellow Bird. Information is given on its origin and original spirit alongside the bartender’s name who created the interpretation. There are interviews with many of the 72 contributors – bartenders from all over the UK. We learn their story, as well as their relationship to cognac cocktails and how they tackled the Cordon Bleu Challenge.


A Cognac Lover’s Guide to Classic Cocktails is not available to buy online or in any shop just yet. For those lucky enough to flick through one, you’ll be delighted with fresh variations of well-known classics.

If you’re inspired to try out the #CordonBleuChallenge for yourself, we’ve hundreds of classics on our database for you to interpret. Perhaps also email your creations to Matthias. Who knows, you may make it into his next book.

A Cognac Lover’s Guide to Classic Cocktails  image 1

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