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*This article was first published 2018*

One of the things we don't like about Instagram is the increasing number of 'repost' accounts. Many of which take lots of credit for others hard work and creativity. Here are a few of our current favourite feeds that buck this trend and photograph and produce their own images and drinks in their own style whilst often creating their own recipes.

Browse the accounts below and join us in raising a glass to content creators - Instagram would be a very different place without them!

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Every drink Amy produces is exciting and unique, helped by a garnish game that's as strong as they come.

What made you start your insta account?
I started my Instagram account for fun, kind of on a whim. My interest in craft cocktails had been growing for a while, and I'd gotten into a routine of making my husband and I new cocktails every day, so I thought, why not make some cool, moody photos, and share them with #drinkstagram! Now it's grown into a blog and I'm having so much fun with it.

Most valuable discovery on instagram?
The most valuable thing I've found on Instagram is the amazing community of craft cocktail enthusiasts. It is such a friendly, inspiring, and knowledgeable group of people. I've made so many friends and learned A LOT in a short period of time. Every day I can learn something new, whether about a type of liquor, a drink recipe, or a technique, and that keeps me excited and inspired.

Top tip for insta?
My top tip for Insta is to shoot your photos with daylight whenever possible! If it's dark out, and you're at home, try using just one light source and turning off any other lights. Good cocktail lighting is often above and from behind, to illuminate the glass. In my opinion, great photos are about 90% having good light and 10% having a good camera lens.

Current favourite account?
Hard to choose a favorite! I adore the content from @theamateurmixologist and @spiritedla.

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Creative, innovative and all from the comfort of his own home. We're always interested to see what Matt is going to come up with next from his home in the UK.

What made you start your insta account?
I'm a home enthusiast, so the beginnings of my Instagram account had nothing to do with promoting a bar or a spirits launch, it was more along the lines of 'stop annoying my friends'. My journey into the world of cocktails began with the humble G&T, progressing as I bought bottles of vermouth, bitters etc. My personal instagram account; usually home to photos of my kid, family, breakfast and the occasional obligatory sunset, was being invaded by home spun cocktail creations as I slowly learned my craft from other "drinkstagrammers" and the wonderful Diffordsguide.

March 2016 and my siblings, wife and I threw a big party for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary, for which I designed two gold themed cocktails for the guests. That night at 1am, I went to post the pictures and decided I wanted to keep my friends instead of spamming them with more drinks, so I picked a random username and began a new account: @theamateurmixologist.

Most valuable discovery on Instagram?
On Insta I've discovered classic cocktails, mysterious amari, sherry cocktails, mixing techniques, ideas and inspiration. All this learning also inspired me to say 'heck...why not?' and enter cocktail competitions as an amateur. That has led me to four UK finals in the last 12 months, giving me amazing experiences of mixing alongside some of the world's best bartenders and in each case I discovered that the people I've engaged with on Insta make up a genuinely supportive and encouraging community of professionals enthusiasts.

Top tips for insta?
Find your style. Scroll back through my account and you'll find a point where my feed gets messy. When I discovered that the chest of drawers in my son's bedroom has fantastic light during the day, I started shooting my pics there on my iPhone6. It was convenient and quick but also gave me a style. Find something that links your account together and makes your photos recognisably yours...I now regularly receive comments like 'I saw this and instantly knew it was you'.

Take it slow, there is often a pressure to keep growing your account, to increase followers by X number per week, but I've found I enjoy Instagram (and life in general) a lot more when I try to ignore that pressure. There's always a temptation to pay for followers and likes, which many have done, but that's just not for me. I know that I might feel differently if I was trying to turn Instagram into a job or was using it for my job but genuine engagement and hilarious commenters are things you can't buy.

Similarly, I've been a part (and even led) countless conversations trying to work out how to beat the Instagram algorithm to get my posts seen by every person with a Facebook account or everyone who's ever held a coupé glass, but so far I've found no answers and life's too short. So, if your job doesn't depend on it, just enjoy yourself. For me, I make the conscious decision to try and not watch my follower count and remember that this is still just a hobby for me. I love my day job and wouldn't change it for the world, so having a hobby that connects me with generous and hospitable people all round the world and gives me amazing opportunities and experiences as well, is enough. This outlook also helps me not take myself too seriously; at the end of the day, I'm just a guy with a phone, mixing drinks in his kitchen every few days.

Current favourite account?
Really??? That's a near impossible question to answer.....but accounts that are currently inspiring include @moodymixologist @coqtale @sahildmehta @todays_tipple @thetipsymuse

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Based in San Franciso, Hannah's insta feed is constantly updated with her own creations that are always stylish, sophisticated and stunning to look at.

What made you start your insta account?
A few years ago, I noticed that my friends were liking my cocktail pictures on Instagram more than they liked posts about my actual life (which I tried not to take too personally), so I decided to dedicate my Instagram account entirely to cocktails. Soon after, I bought my first legit camera, started quizzing my photographer friends about lighting, and began scouring every local thrift store for the most eye-catching glassware. The reason drink Instagramming has KEPT me interested two years later comes from how much fun I've had with people in the community; their spirit (ha) of curiosity, belief in innovation, supportiveness, and enthusiasm is infectious and inspiring. Also. Running @spiritedLA means I get to drink a lot of great things and call it research!

Most valuable discovery on instagram?
All the clear ice intel! I don't think I would ever have thought I could do this at home if it weren't for people like @holycityhandcraft and @apartment_bartender showing me the light.

Top tip for insta?
It's true for cocktails on Instagram like it's true for humans in real life: while what's inside matters, dressing well can't be overrated. There is no such thing as being too extra when it comes to accessorizing your drink with the right garnishing and glassware.

Current favourite account?
So difficult to say, but I always look forward to posts from His caption game is pretty unbeatable.

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Morton loves everything about drinks and cocktails, and his detailed posts often educate, inform and showcase great drinks.

What made you start your insta account?
I have always been fascinated by liquors and liqueurs. When I was a kid my dad made his own liquor (called Snaps) and added all kinds of herbs, nuts and flowers in order to give it taste.
This really kick started my interest in the field of liquors and liqueurs, and its complexity.

Once I got older I turned from the regular "Rum & Coke/Vodka & Soda" kind of "cocktails" to the more complex and experimenting kinds.
When my wife and me bought a house, about 12 years ago, the first room we prepared, was the our Homebar in the basement. I quickly stocked it with basic alcohol, but soon found out there is more to cocktails than just juices and licors. Soon after it was stocked with bitters, liqueurs and homemade syrups as well (over a period of time, cause it aint exactly cheap).

I thought to myself why not share my Homebar experiences with other people who might be interested in the same field.

Soon after creating my Insta account, I quickly realised that there is a whole community out there, searching, experimenting and crafting their own liquid gold; amateurs, professional's and just curious people sharing their mind. I fell in love with this, and have been ever since.

Most valuable discovery on instagram?
That would be the mixology community of excellent crafted cocktails. There is so much inspiration to be found on Insta and it's all easy access and quickly overviewed. Some are easy reading, others are complex descriptions suiting all needs and interests.

There is so many great inspiring people out there, from all over the world, willing to share their knowledge and craftsmanship!

Top tip for insta?
If you have a passion for sharing and caring, the cocktail community is the place to be in. Appreciate your own work as well as others. Take credit for your own creations, but cherish others as well - this is of huge importance.

A picture tells a thousand tales. I highly recommend having a good camera (some newer phones do this, but I really recommend buying a DLSR camera - I bought a 2nd hand Canon EOS 500d for about 200€, all inclusive - this has really made a difference).

Be engaged! Both in your own posts (story, content, recipes, enlightenment etc.) and equally in others creations as well. Truly engage with people, and you will be well rewarded. Care & Share!

Current favourite account?
This is impossible to answer. There are so many excellent accounts out there.
By searching for words like "mixology, homebar, cocktails, ginstagram, instagin, cocktailhour, drinkstagram, craftcocktails" you will have a great base to start with, and find your own favourite accounts.

I follow many excellent and inspiring accounts, so feel free to look at my followers, and you will really be well off into the world of great crafted cocktails.

Also see @diffordsguide

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