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Taking a stand against prejudice

Here at Difford's Guide we are against any form of Sexism, Racism or Ageism. Across our website and in our interactions within our team, with our readers and our clients, we do not discriminate on the grounds of ethnicity, race, gender, religion, belief, disability, sexual orientation or identity, or socio / economic background.

The killing of George Floyd in the USA in June 2020 by a white police officer, has brought to the fore the importance of putting in place an active and ongoing program to help ensure that we can make a stand against racism. Because it is only when we all make a stand that we can make a difference. In this context - we are a drink-focused website - we hope our beliefs and actions will help, even in a small way.

We strive to

  • Use our 'Cocktail of the Day' pages to mark events and commemorate individuals who have made an important contribution to the progression of society and the values we believe in.
  • Feature more drinks industry professionals from the BAME community in our 'People & Personalities' area.
  • Promote in our 'Events' area more industry events which are openly supportive of minority groups including but not exclusive to BAME communities.
  • Monitor user comments on our site to ensure they comply with our user comments policy.

We'd like to mention that we apply the above to all groups in society who are underrepresented in the drinks industry, including LGBTQ+ and women. We have emphasized the BAME community in respect of the Black Lives Matter movement and the priority this requires at the time of writing (June 2020).


We are a small team, with infrequent opportunities to recruit new talent. Where such an opportunity arises, we actively welcome applications from all qualified candidates. We operate an equal opportunities recruitment policy and process.

We are aware there is always more we can do, and with this in mind we continue to educate ourselves on important societal issues such as gender equality, racism and the Black Lives Matter movement and regularly review the steps we've already taken, what we are currently doing and identify areas for improvement. We also welcome feedback from our readers - please let us know if there is more we can do by emailing us at

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