Keeping spirits up

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Keeping spirits up

We aim to continue offering well-informed, impartial information for folk looking to raise their spirits, their spirits knowledge, or just find a cocktail recipe. We'll leave news and health advice to others better placed and more informed to comment but we are keen to help folk in the bar industry and our readers at home.

What we are doing

  • With the support of Havana Club we are inviting and paying bar entrepreneurs around the world to be our contributors so giving money directly to help them and their staff. Havana Club are matching these contributor payments with charitable contributions to The Drinks Trust.

    We've built a new area on Difford's Guide called Bar Entrepreneur Frontline to house these enlightening pieces with the first being by Hope & Sesame in China with advice after eight weeks under lockdown. Andrew and Bastien from Hope & Sesame asked that their fee go to charity so Havana Club will pay the Drinks Trust £1,000 for this piece. Many thanks to all concerned.

  • There's a lot of very creative and talented bartenders stuck at home and missing being in the public eye behind the stick. Many of you are already filming yourselves making cocktails, creating garnishes that are works of art, and showing off other talents that have nothing at all to do with bartending. Some are writing about cocktails and spirits, others are writing stories and poetry.

    In common with Bar Entrepreneur Frontline above, we've built a dedicated area, Bartenders @ Home, to house these films, photographs and pieces. In the UK this is supported by William Grant & Sons who are sending £100 shopping voucher to each bartender whose submission is published.

  • We're keen to create a space for our community of Discerning Drinkers, many of which are stuck at home, to come together as a community. So, we've enabled you to post comments directly to most pages on this site, including cocktail recipes. If you scroll down on each page you'll see a comment box where we invite you to add your thoughts, observations and ideas.
  • Our clever developers are also working on new functionality to support bars in the coming months and help discerning drinkers plan nights out post-lockdown and generate much needed immediate revenue for bars. Watch this space for updates as our plans come to fruition.
  • We've compiled some useful information on the situation in various countries. View pages by country below or just opt for an anti-virus cocktail.