Urban Bar 1890 Highball Glass 12.3oz / 35cl

Urban Bar 1890 Highball 12.3oz / 35cl image 1

Category: Glassware

Sub Category: Tall, collins & highball glasses

Capacity to brim (ml): 365
Capacity to washline (ml): 340
Height (mm): 160
Width (mm): 65
Product code: UB900-1
Website: https://www.urbanbar.com/

Producer: Urban Bar

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The Urban Bar 1890 Collins Highball features a unique pattern etched around the edge, and a heavyweight base. Perfect for long, elegant serves, especially with a large ice cube.

The 1890 range also comes in a variety of other glassware designs, including smaller 'water' highballs, old fashioned, shot and square coupes (Frizzio) both with standard etching and gold etching.