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Armed with a myriad of F&B experience spanning over ten years at Singaporean establishments such as Park Hotel Orchard, Toucan Iris Pub, Buyan Russian Restaurant & Bar, as well as, Alibabar, Farid Bashir has grown to think of himself as a physician of sorts, concocting cocktail remedies for each his patron’s individual needs.

Currently the bar manager at Oxwell, Singapore, he is constantly on the lookout for new and unorthodox additions to the cocktail menu. His thirst for new techniques and inspiration recently set him packing on a month long internship to Bangalore India, where he trained with acclaimed Chef Abihijit Saha. The internship equipped him with a deeper understanding of the Asian palate, mixing of flavours and molecular techniques.

Farid also constantly challenges his craft by joining competitions such as 28 Hong Kong’s Bartender Allowance Championships and the recent 2015 Diplomatico Cocktail Competition. His drinks were nominated for the top five in Gin Jubilee Singapore 2015.

Farid aims to give his patrons not only a really good drink but an experience that will have them coming back for more.

“Cherry Heering enhances the taste of Singapore Sling”

Farid’s Harmony Sling

Glass: Poco Grande
Garnish: 2 tsp Cherry Heering caviar* in the drink, pineapple spear and maraschino cherry on the rim, float of salty lime air
Method: Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into ice-filled glass.

• 40 ml Cachaca
• 20 ml Homemade pineapple syrup
• 100 ml Coconut water
• 2 dashes Cardamom Bitters

* Heering Cherry Brandy Caviar
Heering Cherry Brandy
Filter water

*Salty Lime Air
Sea salt
Fresh lime juice
Filter water

The concoction was inspired by Singapore’s plantations, since lost due to modernisation. The plantations brought all different races in Singapore, such as the Malays, Indians and the Chinese community together. This symbolized harmonious living in Singapore.

The pineapple represents the Chinese community in Singapore which worked on the pineapple plantation in the 1900’s. The Coconut represent the Orang Laut (Malays). The coconut plantation was in the Gelang Serai area where most of the Malay community settled. The Cardamom spice represent the Indian community. They worked in the both plantations as coolies in those days.

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