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Words by: Cherry Heering

Adriel Ang is a young and new face in this industry. Look out for a home grown café- "Sarnies" at the sunny edge of Singapore just down the corner at Telok Ayer street, with one of the youngest bartenders that you can find in Singapore.

Joining Sarnies in 2016, an independent young bartender that’s willing to learn and explore the greater discovery of the bartending world. He came out with his very own simple invention ( The Cherry-Let ) that will strike a cord with your tastebuds. Adriel looks up to new challenges and constantly challenge himself to step out of his own comfort zone.

Starting from the bottom, he's inspired by many great bartenders around Singapore like Din Hassan who’s like a Father to everyone, Steve Schneider At EO, Stuart Danker At SugarHall and many more. In every cocktail that he’s makes, he makes it with style and he loves to keep it classic.

So what's so special about the drink? "Cherry Heering is a sweet to my cocktail which brings out the sweetness and balance in Cherry-Let”

View Adriel's recipe: Cherry-Let.

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