Story of Amaro Montenegro

Stanislao Cobianchi, born 1862, had a passion for alchemy. After resisting his father's wishes to become a priest, Stanislao set sail on a cargo ship to explore the world. Travelling to exotic places, he discovered unique botanicals, from fruits and flowers, to seeds and barks, and began preparations for his own elixir.

1885 - Stanislao establishes the brand

Returning to Bologna, Italy, in 1885, equipped with flavours from all parts of the world, Stanislao established the Cobianchi Stanislao Steam Distillery. With experiments underway, he'd come to determine 40 botanicals that would comprise his elixir.

He formulated his recipe, established an alchemy-inspired vessel for his liquid and named it Elisir Lungavita.

1896 - The brand changes its name to Amaro Montenegro

The amaro's name would later be changed to Amaro Montenegro in honour of Princess Elena of Montenegro who married Prince Victor Emmanuel III in 1896, and would reign as Queen of Italy from 1900 to 1946. However, the recipe remains unchanged since 1885, the complete recipe known by only three people in the company.

Amaro Montenegro was well received in Italy and backed by an advertising campaign during the 20th century, the amaro's increasing popularity spread overseas as recognition grew with the growing appreciation for its taste and quality.

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1906 - Stanislao expands to a new distillery

In light of the amaro's huge demand, Stanislao expanded to a new distillery in 1906.

1921 - Gabriele D'Annunzio praises the brand

Notably, the amaro was recognised by the Italian poet, writer and controversial war hero, Gabriele D'Annunzio in a letter dated 1921 and declared it, "the liqueur of virtues".

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1921 letter from Gabriele D'Annunzio

1939 - WWII slows production

Come 1939, WWII would slow production and the Amaro Montenegro factory in Bologna suffered bomb damage in 1941.

1946 - The factory reopens

The Amaro Montenegro factory in Bologna reopened in 1946, and production continues to this day.

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