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Nature Conservation

Avallen is a calvados spirit committed to nature conservation.

Bee positive

Bees play an important role in our plant's ecosystem. They help produce food through pollination, including apples, almonds and broccoli. With over 20,000 known species, bees are under threat around the world. Pesticides like neonicotinoids are highly toxic to all bees. Climate change and habitat loss are also large factors in their decline.

Avallen champions the protection of bees and supports biodiversity through initiatives such as planting flowers and donating to organisations.

Donating to charity

For every bottle sold, Avallen donates €0.50 to organisations that are working to protect the bees, restoration of their habitats, and stand for the ban of harmful neonicotinoids.

Planting 10,000 flowers

Avallen aims to plant 10,000 wild plants over the next three years to support bee populations, as well as supporting restoration to wild meadows at the Distillerie Coquerel, which produces the brand's calvados.

Locally sourced

Avallen is sustainable by design - the brand's light-weight bottle (free from plastic), cork, label (printed on apple pulp paper) and box are all sourced from France. Avallen is made with 2% of apples grown on-site at Distillerie Coquerel, while the rest is sourced from farms within 20km of the distillery.

Avallen offers transparency on its production through lab analysis of its liquid and other reports of verification on the Provenance website.

Maison Coquerel for Avallen

Status: Operational
Visitor Policy: Not generally accessible
Website: Maison Coquerel for Avallen
Address: Manoir du Coquerel, St Hilaire du Harcouet, Milly, 50600
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