Feijoan Winter

Feijoan Winter

Photography by Jon Wah

By Dan Hayward Jarmyn
at Bank Street Social

Feijoan Winter

  • 55 ml Australian Distilling Co. Shiraz gin
  • 7.5 ml White creme de cacao
  • 1 tbsp Homemade feijoa butter
  • 15ml Spiced feijoa shrub
  • 20ml Lemon juice
  • Whites

The creator says: "This cocktail is an ode to winter's arrival, and the way I always used to spend cold nights after dinner with my family.

We would always (and I mean always) sit by the fire with a nice glass of red wine and some chocolate, as well as snacking on nuts and berries while we watched bad television.

Right before winter each year, our feijoa tree would go absolutely crazy with fruit. We used it in everything... jams, ice creams, stewed desserts or pies or just fresh. It's this fruity flavour I associate with the weather getting cooler each year.

When I tried the ADC shiraz gin, I knew I had to use it to create a winter dessert cocktail and replicate the fireside winter experience I explained earlier. It pairs beautifully with white chocolate liqueur, the feijoa butter gives it an insanely thick and smooth texture, and the nuts and berries garnish all tie my winter night by the fire together beautifully."

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