Kampo To Good Health

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Kampo To Good Health

By Eirenn Harkness
at Pink Moon Saloon

Kampo, To Good Health

  • 45 ml Adelaide Gin
  • 15 ml Yuzushu
  • 15 ml Lemongrass and ginger rice wine vinegar shrub

Garnish with three drops of wasabi, wakame and sesame oil and serve in Nick & Nora glass rimmed with citrus salt and crushed nori.

The creator says: "The concept of my drink revolves around the influence that Asian cuisine has on the Adelaide hospitality industry in the diverse culture of both food and drink. I then narrowed it down to the flavours of Japan, a cuisine and culture that I believe is incredibly influential and inspiring.

This drink has been created to showcase a variety of some of my favourite flavours dished up in the many Japanese restaurants we see in Adelaide today."

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