Inspired by the 1910's this collection of glassware features a vintage etched pattern that was inspired by the prohibition era and the classic Lady Hamilton Pall Mall glassware.

The collection includes a Nick & Nora, Old Fashioned, Martini, Gin Balloon, Highball, Wine, Flute, Beer, Shot and Water glass and Champagne, Fizzio, Fizz and Coley Coupes. It also includes a gold Fizz Coupe.

Urban Bar Nick & Nora 1910 17cl  image
Urban Bar 1910 Old Fashioned 10.5oz / 30cl image
Urban Bar Martini 1910 21cl image
Urban Bar Gin Balloon 1910 65cl  image
Urban Bar 1910 Highball image
Urban Bar Bacci Wine Glass 1910 43cl image
Urban Bar 1910 Bacci Champagne Flute 10.75oz / 32c image
Urban Bar Stemmed Beer 1910 46cl image
Urban Bar 1910 Shot 2oz / 6cl image
Urban Bar 1910 Water Highball 8.5oz / 24cl image
Urban Bar Retro Coupe 1910 7.75oz / 22cl image
Urban Bar Retro Fizzio Coupe 1910 9oz / 26cl image
Urban Bar Coley Coupe 1910 6oz / 17cl image
Urban Bar Retro Fizz 1910 7oz / 20cl image
Urban Bar Retro Fizz 1910 Gold 7oz / 20cl image
Fluet Highball 1910 45cl image
Fluet Double Old Fashioned 1910 44cl image
Fluet Old Fashioned 1910 34cl image
Bits Bowl 1910 image
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