Nearest Green Distillery


Sand Creek Farms
3125 US-231
United States

Status: Bottlers not distillers

Established: 2018

Visitor Policy: Not generally accessible

Tel: +1 615 928 1917

Nathan "Nearest" Green, a former slave who became known as Uncle Nearest, worked on a farm owned by Dan Call, a Lucheran preacher. One of his duties was to operate the reverend’s whiskey still, a task he would appear to have been very skilled at.

A young chap by the name of Jasper Newton (Jack) Daniel was taken in by the reverend when he was seven and was introduced to whiskey making by Nearest Green.

In 1863, a temperance preacher known as Lady Love convinced Dan Call that whiskey making was not something a righteous preacher should be involved with and this led Call to sell his still to Jack Daniels, then aged 13 (ish - Jack's precis birthdate is not actually known). Jack set up his distillery five miles down the road from the Call Farm with Nearest Green as his distiller.

The Jack Daniel Distillery continues to operate on the site Jack found in 1863 and the owners of Uncle Nearest whiskey own the Call Farm up the road. However, the Nearest Green Distillery lies a respectful distance away from Jack Daniel’s in the neighbouring community of Shelbyville.