Absolut Elyx Vodka

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Barcode UPC: 7 312040 217007
Bottle Size: 700 ml
Closure: Screw / Stelvin cap
Barcode UPC: 7 312040 217014
Bottle Size: 700 ml


Energy: 222Kcal/100ml

Mais sobre Absolut Elyx

Produzido por: The Absolut Company
Owned by: Pernod Ricard Group
UK distribution by: Pernod Ricard UK
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alc./vol: 40%

Proof: 80°

Vintage: Non-vintage

Envelhecimento: Unaged

Produzido por: Product of Sweden Sweden

Absolut Elyx is distilled from fermented single-estate winter wheat from Råbelöf, a family-owned country estate in the Åhus region of southern Sweden. The vodka's final distillation is in a copper column still dating from the 1920s.
Lyx is named after the Swedish word for luxury 'lyx' and indeed the marketers at brand owners Pernod Ricard prefer their vodka to be described as being a luxury vodka, rather than as a “super premium vodka”. This vodka’s mother brand, ‘Absolut’ is spelt without the ‘e’, which was dropped to enable the trademarking of an otherwise generic word. Similarly, ‘Elyx’ is spelt with that missing ‘e’ rather than simply ‘Lyx’.

Key Absolut Elyx brand values
- Carbon neutral production process with all raw materials sourced from within a 15 mile radius.
- Philanthropic partnership with Water for People charity.
- Copper catalyzation during distillation is key to vodka’s character, hence copper widely identified with brand including packaging, branded barware and other point-of-sale items.
- Pineapple, the international symbol of hospitality used as a brand icon.

Avaliação e degustação

Experimentado em 13/10/2014


Crystal clear and bright.


Very clean, subdued grain with white pepper and very faint freshly flamed crème brûlée and nutty fudge.


Enlivening black pepper spice with creamy sweetcorn, subtle chocolate, hazelnut and fudge. Faint herbal notes and very faint sultana, lavender and fennel.


Slightly bready with cleansing cracked black pepper, faint nutty fudge and creamy sweetcorn.

No geral:

Superbly clean with a soft mouthfeel. Beyond enlivening black pepper spice are subtle subtle flavours of creamy sweetcorn, chocolate, hazelnut and fudge.

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