Cream of coconut

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Cream of coconut is a non-alcoholic sticky goo not to be confused with coconut cream. Cream of Coconut is made by mixing coconut juice, sugar, emulsifier, cellulose, thickeners, citric acid and salt and is sold in 15oz/425ml cans.

Cream of coconut is most often used to make a 'Puerto Rican' style Piña Colada Cocktail and one can will make 14 to 25 drinks depending on how sweet you like your Piña Coladas. Once opened the can's contents should be stored in a refrigerator: this may thicken the product, so gentle warming may be required prior to use.

The original brand of cream of coconut is Coco López' which was developed in 1948 in Puerto Rico by Don Ramon López-Irizarry.

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