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Fumiaki Michishita

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"My name is Fumiaki Michishita from Tokyo, Japan. I have 12 years career in bar industry.

My background is filled with many different cultural experiences. When I was younger, I was into a soccer, skateboarding and BMX. And especially focus on breakdancing. I organized many dance events and also produced a band named GUSH that has a concept of showing people the importance of dance and song. My career as a bartender officially began 7 years ago. Acquiring knowledge both Japan and overseas, I am learning a lot more. I am currently working at BAR TRAM in Ebisu Tokyo and am very passionately and energetically working in the industry."

"Cherry Heering brings a rich finish and deep sweetness. This is definitely needed for my cocktail - the Poler Short Cut!

This cocktail won a competition held in commemoration of the Tokyo and Copenhagen transit line. It is a very well known cocktail in Japan, but probably not known by you. It is one of Maestro Hidetsugu Ueno's favourite cocktails."

Poler Short Cut

Glass: Cocktail
Garnish: No garnish
Method: Stir all ingredients with ice and strain into ice filled glass.

• 15ml Fair rum
• 15ml Noilly Prat
• 15ml Cointreau
• 15ml Cherry Heering
• 3 dashes Gammel Dansk bitters

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