Bars & City Drinking

Tayer + Elementary image

Tayer + Elementary

At first glance, this is yet another brutalist Shoreditch/Hoxton/Old Street bar with bare concrete, exposed aircon ducking and raw steel trunking. But

Kwãnt image


You can take the boy out of the five-star hotel but you can’t take the five-star hotel out of the boy! Erik Lorincz’s new bar, Kwãnt, operates to

The World's Most Sustainable Bar image

The World's Most Sustainable Bar

“Sustainability should be important to everyone everywhere,” states Odd Strandbakken, bar manager of Oslo’s HIMKOK, officially the world’s most

American Bar at The Savoy image

American Bar at The Savoy

Perhaps the most famous hotel in the world, The Savoy reopened in 2010 after a three-year, £100m+ refurbishment. While the rest of the hotel now sparkles

Bristol bar guide image

Bristol bar guide

Once a major industrial city with one of the country's largest ports, Bristol is still England's tenth largest city. It was through Bristol that much of

Hacha image


Appropriately named after the axe used to cut agave piña, Hacha (pronounced 'Acha') is a neighbourhood bar offering a constantly evolving range of 25

Senios Café Bar image

Senios Café Bar

Lying on a pedestrian street in Athens’ textile neighbourhood, Senios (which opened in October 2018) is the third all-day café bar by the team behind

Amsterdam city guide image

Amsterdam city guide

Amsterdam is a tolerant city, especially where vices are concerned, and thanks to this broad-minded attitude many tourists arrive in search of 'a smoke'

Epernay image


Épernay in Northeast France is one of the two towns of Champagne, so it is perhaps not surprising to find that this eponymously named bar specialises

Buck & Breck image

Buck & Breck

Rather than the bar’s name, outside there’s simply a neon sign flashing “closed”. Off-putting perhaps, but such is this bar’s reputation that

Red Light image

Red Light

Looking for Red Light can be a real challenge for those who have never visited before. Another speakeasy in the Bristol bar scene with a luminous red

New Orleans city & bar guide image

New Orleans city & bar guide

New Orleans has a cocktail heritage dating back to 1793 when John B. Schiller created the Sazerac, followed by Henry C. Ramos who came up with the Ramos

Jeff Berry's Latitude 29 image

Jeff Berry's Latitude 29

Jeff 'Beachbum' Berry is perhaps the best-known man in the world of Tiki so when he and his wife Annene moved to New Orleans and then announced they were

Revel Cafe & Bar image

Revel Cafe & Bar

Chris McMillian and his wife Laura are two of the best-known characters in the New Orleans bar scene. Indeed, Chris is one of the city's most regarded

Hedonist image


The Hedonist Project was launched in Leeds as a pop up originally, and then evolved into a rotating concept bar, that showcased a new direction and creative

Amsterdam's proeflokaalen & brown cafés image

Amsterdam's proeflokaalen & brown cafés

The Dutch answer to the local pub is a bruin cafe (brown café). The name refers to their warm traditional interiors with dark wood panelling and furnishings.

City Social image

City Social

This restaurant and bar on the 24th floor of Tower 42 is part of the ever-expanding Jason Atherton empire with other London siblings including Pollen Street

69 Colebrooke Row image

69 Colebrooke Row

This bastion of molecular mixology originally followed a speakeasy theme with no name outside but a branded canopy is now something of a giveaway. Although

The Dead Rabbit - Five Years into the Dream image

The Dead Rabbit - Five Years into the Dream

The Dead Rabbit story is a well-heeled one, widely documented and told the world over. A tale of beating the odds, from rags to riches; The American Dream,

Sean Muldoon – Building the dream image

Sean Muldoon – Building the dream

Back in 2011, Sean Muldoon was an Irishman on a mission. Indeed, those who know him will say, he’s always on a mission – a quest for perfection. So,