Bulk Mixology Food & Bar

Photography by Bulk Mixology Food & Bar

Words by Mattia Pastori and Marianna Piva on 28-Feb-2019

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Address: via Fioravanti 4, Milan, Italy
Tel: +39 0280010918
Email: info@morellimilano.it
Website: View bar's website
Door: Open door
Style: Cocktail bar
Price guide: High-end
Food: Plates & dishes
Established: 2017
Owned by: Giancarlo Morelli


Bulk Mixology food and bar is located in a 5 star Hotel called Vìu near Porta Garibaldi. The one Michelin starred Chef Giancarlo Morelli has created 2 different souls in one: the Bulk Mixology Food&Bar and the Morelli Restaurant.

The Morelli restaurant is a fine dining restaurant and the Bulk is a mixed food and drinks concept.

"Bulk" named like this to keep the previous history when it was a social club. Bulk offers an open space with a mixology bar, an ultra-modern open kitchen, old military tables, modern designed objects, puppet collections and 60’s armchairs.

In summer time there is the possibility to dine or have a drink outside enjoying a pleasant outdoor space. On Friday and Saturday evenings the place is animated by a DJ set, and on Sundays you can enjoy a tasty brunch in the finest American tradition.

The cocktails are simple but tasty and really well presented. The bar manager, Ivan Patruno, keep consistency on the service and a kind manner to talk with guests.

The Chef recommend to drink a Gian tonic combined with a traditional Italian dish from the Bulk menu a la carte.

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