Surfer’s Den

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Words by Mattia Pastori and Marianna Piva on 30-Mar-2019

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Address: Piazza Caduti del Lavoro 5, Milano, Italy
Tel: 0039 3385916764 \ 0039 3335034883
Website: View bar's website
Hours: Mon-Tue Closed, Wed-Sun 19:00-01:30
Door: Open door
Style: Cocktail bar
Price guide: Value
Food: Bar snacks
Established: 1999
Owned by: Yuri Gelmini


Surfer’s Den is a cocktail bar visited for two important things: the relaxing atmosphere and the "misture", the original Italian name of cocktail. Franz, a fanatic of Surf, is in charge of the Surfboards shop and Yuri, a plants lover and a drinks maker, is in charge of the bar. Irina takes everything under control like only a woman can do.

The bar is 5km away from the city centre but when you are inside is like being in a country side. The design is a mix of art, antique furniture and boards for skating and surfing.

The atmosphere is relaxing and enjoyable you just need to be respectful for Nature and guests around you. Each cocktail is inspired by a plant that grows in the garden that Yuri, takes really care about it. Yuri is an encyclopaedia of plants and loves to tell to his guests stories and pieces of information about how plants can match really well with cocktails in an incredible healthy and green spot in the heart of Milano. Flowers and Nature are key point for Yuri and his team.

The quality of Italian products that he uses for the cocktails is excellent. "Ape Vigorosa" is the more famous drink with Grappa Barricata in Milan, mixed with Biancosarti, Taneda (typical liquor from Lombardia ), Sweet Vermouth and comb honey.

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