Mr Lee at Novikov

last reviewed on 01-Nov-2011

Address: 21 Krasina street, Moscow, 123056, Russia
Tel: +7 (495) 739 57 65
Website: View bar's website
Style: Restaurant bar
Recommended for: Cocktails


Andrey Novikov once applied for a job at Moscow's first McDonalds but they turned him away. Good thing for him too, it would seem, as he has since gone on to become one of Russia's top chefs and leading culinary lights. Mr. Lee is one of three Novikov venues in the same building. It's a Pan-Asian restaurant serving predominantly Chinese cuisine with splashings of Japanese, Malaysian and Thai dishes.

The venue defines itself as smart-casual, but is more smart than casual as the surroundings are immaculate and the clientele well adorned. Without doubt, the dining experience is exceptional from start to finish, but the reason it is mentioned here is that it was the cocktails that were far superior to expectations. A great list of classic drinks and one or two originals which were well put together and delivered in what must have been record time.

The one sticking point would be the price. You do pay for what you get in Moscow, but at Mr. Lee you really feel that you do actually get what you pay for. Incidentally, Londoners will soon be able to experience the same with the new Novikov bar and restaurant currently opening in Mayfair.