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Address: Colquitt Street, Liverpool , United Kingdom
Website: View bar's website
Style: Tiki bar
Recommended for: Fun/atmosphere
Price guide: Middling

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Review last reviewed on 2012-01-31

Liverpool's temple to tiki is a predictably maximalist combination of South Seas nostalgia, bamboo, raffia and rattan, along with plenty of skull-based/jungle/exotica graffiti, for that feeling of total immersion. After all, tiki doesn't really work if it's not totally over the top, and you'd be disappointed if your drink didn't arrive in a pineapple, skull or tiki head mug. There's also a sharing cocktail, the Dead Man's Chest, which serves - of course - 15 men.

Drinks are served from a tequila and rum-focused menu, and there's a once-a-month Drunken Parrot Society where they celebrate their top spirits in these categories and sell them at cost price. The rest of the time, there's a suitably relaxed and beach-friendly feel to the place. It's standing room only unless you are at the bar itself or have pre-booked one of their three tables.

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