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Ice Forward’s ingenious Clear Ice Boxes (Spears) enable you to make your own clear tower-like spears (13.5 x 3.5 x 3.5cm) in a domestic freezer.*[*Please read "Note!" and "How to use" below.]

Video shows cubes and spears...we stock the Tall Ice Spears.

Indeed, even the small ice compartment at the top of most under-counter fridges is large enough to hold two Clear Ice Boxes alongside each other. A tall freezer in a bar filled with Clear Ice Boxes could supply ice spears almost for free and a fraction of the cost of buying in block ice. And unlike block ice, the spears come out of the moulds ready to use, so no need to cut or trim.

Tall Ice Spears

Makes: 3 ice spears (approx. 13.5 x 3.5 x 3.5 cm)
Perfect for: Long drinks such as Gin & Tonics, Cuba Libre, Tom Collins etc.
Space occupies in freezer: 20.6 x 15.4 x 11.5 cm (L x W x H)


There is a degree of trial and error to producing crystal clear ice with the water used, the temperature of the freezer, the temperature of water used to fill the moulds, and where placed in the freezer all influencing the result.

You may find your ice is clear but with some "ice hairs" or bubbles in the bottom. If "hairy ice" is used in carbonated drinks then these are all but hidden. Similarly, if cubes are placed in drinks with the hairs at the bottom, again they are hidden. (Also see our Ice page for pics.)

To help eliminate ice hairs and/or if your cubes are crystal clear at the top but the base is a little cloudy then:

- your freezer is too cold and should be turned to a less cold setting to slow the formation of ice. The purer your water the faster you will be able to freeze and still produce clear ice. If you find your cubes are clear on top but the bottom is cloudy then you will need to slow the freezing process by setting the temperature of your freezer to -14°C (food should be stored at -18°C or colder).

- the purer the water the better. Consider filtering your water.

- ice clarity is also helped by using hot water to slow freezing. Boiling your water in a kettle and allowing it to cool, then re-boiling and only allowing water to partially cool before pouring into Ice Box can also be beneficial.

- try placing the Ice Box in different positions in your freezer. (If using commercially and you grouping boxes together then this will considerably slow freezing but can produce good results.)

How to use

1. Wash all parts before use. The white silicone moulds are dishwasher safe - the insulated container is not.

2. Place the white outer mould in the insulation box.

3. Fill the white outer mould with water. Ideally use filtered water but tap water can still produce clear ice (but won’t taste as good). Some mineral waters (e.g. Evian) are better than others. For best results fill with hot water as this will slow the formation of ice crystals. As with so much in life, slow and steady produces the best results.

4. Position the inner mould over the outer mould and set it afloat on the water in the inner mould.

5. The inner mould will slowly sink as the water rises through the small holes in the base of the mould. Don’t force the mould down – allow it to sink under its own weight.

6. Once the inner mould has fully sunk run your finger around the edge, pressing down to ensure the inner mould is sitting flush over the outer mould to seal.

7. Before placing the Ice Box in your freezer or ice compartment of your fridge, tap the sides with something hard such as a muddler. Be sure the Ice Box is sitting perfectly level.

8. Be patient! Depending on the temperature of your water and freezer it will take as long as 36 hours to produce your clear ice. Good ice comes to discerning drinkers who wait.

9. Once fully frozen, remove your Clear Ice Box from the freezer.

10. Remove the outer and inner moulds white moulds together (don't separate them), from the black insulation box. Doing this immediately speeds up the thawing process but you should still wait 3-5 minutes (at room temperature) to allow the ice surface to thaw a little and the ice to temper.

11. Pull the edges of the inner mould back from the outer mould to free it and ease it apart from the outer mould.

12. Once separated remove any excess ice on the outside of the inner mould by easing apart with a spoon or carefully tapping with a wooden mallet or rolling pin and then press your finished ice out of the mould.

13. Place ice into your glass and pour your drink. Then wait for those around you to ask how you make your ice so clear.

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