Private Preserve Wine Preserver

Category: Bar equipment & barware

Sub Category: Bar tools

Barcode: 000231904863

The Private Preserve Wine Preserver does just literally what it says on the tin; it protects the freshness and flavour of wine, liqueurs and spirits.

Private Preserve is an inert gas (a blend of pure nitrogen, carbon dioxide and argon), typically used in the production of wine to maintain freshness, cleverly now in a can for home use.

This inert, and totally harmless, gas blankets the wine or other liquid's surface, while in a bottle, and does not strip out or otherwise affect the flavour.

It's simple to use:
1. Insert the extension tube securely into the nozzle with a twisting motion.
2. Put the tip of the tube in the neck of the bottle midway down, again the glass.
3. Place cork at opening of the bottle, on straw.
4. Spray one long and three short bursts, pulling the straw as you re-cork.
5. Use each time you pour, and store upright (do not expose to heat or a temperature above 120 degrees Fahrenheit / 50 degrees Celsius.

One can will deliver 120 uses and will feel empty when full. It is empty when it stops hissing!