Comstock Saloon

Words by Simon Difford on 21-Oct-2014

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Address: 155 Columbus Avenue, (at Pacific), San Francisco, California, CA 94133, United States
Tel: +1 415 617-0071
Website: view Comstock Saloon’s website
Door: Open door
Style: Saloon bar
Food: Tapas/plates & dishes


Comstock encapsulates a romanticised Deep South. Running along the ceiling is a fan contraption made from wicker panels that look like steamboat paddles, vintage drink signs hang on the walls, and the owner even managed to winch an upright piano into a balcony space so that soft music floats over the punters below. The southern vibe runs into the menu: the alligator pear toast or the pickled eggs and rye toast are both memorable bar snacks.

The mahogany counter is an impressive feature which dates back to 1906. On top of it is a statue of Norton I - a local legend who lost his inheritance on a rice deal that went wrong. He went a bit mad and proclaimed himself Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico.

The cocktail list is a comforting collection of classic drinks, all served in one of Comstock's vintage glasses. There's also a good wine selection, and beers that range from Big Daddy IPA which is made in San Francisco's Speakeasy Brewery to Malheur - a Belgian champagne-fermented ale.

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