Demi Monde Bar

Words by Sam Meyer on 10-Jun-2012

Address: 90 Broad Street, (enter around the corner on Stone St), New York, NY , 10004, United States
Tel: +1 212 248 7220
Website: view Demi Monde Bar’s website
Style: Cocktail bar
Established: 2012


Demi Monde, a newcomer to the Financial District far downtown, occupies a huge basement space loaded with big semicircular banquettes, enough to seat a hundred twenty or so. Small two-top tables fill in the edges in some cozy nooks, and the lounge décor, with dark red walls, an enormous chandelier, and macramé screens, seems to combine the 1980s with a few faint touches of '60s tiki bar. On some weekday nights they tend to only serve you at the bar, so be warned.

The inventive menu shows off this place's pedigree; David Kaplan and Alex Day from Death & Co. worked on the menu, along with bar manager Scott James Teague, late of Pegu Club. The bar boasts a custom carbonation system: no soda from a gun for this place, but rather a finely calibrated system with multiple taps, so that barkeeps can get the fizz just right. Indeed, of 16 house cocktails listed, several fizzes make an appearance. The house soda programme also includes various homemade syrups (strawberry-tarragon, grapefruit, and more), all made with that wonderful sparkling water, available with or without booze. Creative flavour combinations are on offer: pomme eau-de-vie with Irish whiskey; pisco with grappa and eucalyptus; Calvados and chamomile. All the drinks we had were expertly balanced and well-designed.