The Swizzle Stick Bar

Address: Loews Hotel, 300 Poydras Street, New Orleans, Louisiana, LA 70130, United States
Tel: +1 504 595 3305
Website: view The Swizzle Stick Bar’s website
Door: Open door/walk-ins
Style: Hotel bar
Food: Tapas/plates & dishes


The flamboyant Michael Manganero is to be found behind this bar on the ground floor of Loews Hotel. Be sure to order the signature, Adelaide Swizzle, made with a 'secret ingredient' (which I think is Falernum) and while there ask Michael (the 'Strega Kid') to show you the "fire in the hold" and "girl's soft ball team".

Café Adelaide and its Swizzle Stick Bar are operated by the Brennan family of Commander's Palace fame. Café Adelaide is named in memory of Adelaide Brennan who died in 1983. Apparently she was something of a character who wore a gold swizzle stick on a chain around her neck and every once in a while she would lean over and stir her drink with it.

A sunny colour scheme of blues, greens and gold combines with the high ceiling to create a clean, bright feel. Behind the zinc bar counter you'll notice ice tongs hanging from wires above a refrigerated plinth. This is where bartenders used to chip ice for drinks off a huge block, until some jobsworth at the local health department put a stop to the practice.