Crescent Sausage and Pie

Address: 4408 Banks Street, New Orleans, Louisiana, 70119, United States
Tel: +1 504 482 2426
Website: view Crescent Sausage and Pie’s website
Door: Open door/walk-ins
Style: Beer bar
Food: Set menu


This neighbourhood bar is a short cab ride down the road from Twelve Mile Limit in Mid City. The corner site is in an otherwise residential area and is an unpretentious kind of place, with unsympathetic lighting. It's actually a new building - the previous site was destroyed in Hurricane Katrina and fragments of the old building now adorn the interior.

There are a few cocktails and they promised fat-washed bacon bourbon, but they had run out on our visit and on the strength of their other cocktails, they won't win any awards for mixology. Instead, stick to the good list of 16 bottled craft beers listed on crude cardboard menus, with six on draught too.

The name's not ironic, it really is a place that sells pies (the pizza kind), and sausages, alongside Big Easy classics such as jambalaya and American comfort food like Mac 'n' Cheese, served from an open kitchen that seems to take up more room than the actual space for diners and drinkers (so too the toilet block dominates the space) though there's also a balcony that runs around the outside with more tables and chairs.