30 June

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Tower Bridge Opened Today

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London Cocktail

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After eight years of construction, London’s Tower Bridge was opened today in 1894 by the Prince of Wales, the future King Edward VII.

As a fixed bridge would have cut off access for tall-masted ships, the new bridge over the river Thames was designed with spans that could rise up, and although river traffic is now much reduced, the bridge still takes priority over road traffic.

The bridge has seen several famous incidents, including a double-decker bus that had to leap the gap in 1952 when the bridge started to lift mid-crossing, a couple of aircraft that dared to fly under its spans in 1968 and 1973, and the notorious division of President Bill Clinton's motorcade when he was separated from his police escort in 1997.

Tower Bridge sums up everything that's great about London, so today we're drinking to this lovely bridge with a London Cocktail.

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