UK finalists
UK finalists

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UK finalists

The 10 UK finalists of the 2023 Chairman's Spice Lab have been announced!

The finalists were selected based on their initial online recipe submission, where they were tasked with coming up wit the next Chairman's Reserve Spiced Rum.

For the next stage, the finalists will now receive a Chairman's Reserve spice kit containing four pre-set spices (nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon and dried orange peels), and a bottle of Chairman's Reserve Original Rum. They will be able to add up to four additional spices from their submission and then will submit their recipe for judging.

Many congratulations to all the finalists, and good luck on the next stage of the competition.

UK Finalists:

Drew Fleming of Kiki Lounge in Douglas
Spice Lab ingredients: Lemon Verbena extract / Honey / Alexander Seed / Wood Avens
Signature Spice Lab Serve: Island Blend Suffering Bastard

Salem James of Science and Industry in Manchester
Spice Lab ingredients: Star Anise / Black Cherry / Dark Chocolate / Cloves
Signature Spice Lab Serve: Old Fashioned

Johnny Morrison of Moskito in Glasgow
Spice Lab ingredients: Cloves / Cacao / Fig
Signature Spice Lab Serve: Old Fashioned

Abigail Conner of Be at One in Norwich
Spice Lab ingredients: Cassia Bark / Ginger / Pink Peppercorns
Signature Spice Lab Serve: Neat or with a splash of soda

Michael Yishak of Blues Kitchen in Manchester
Spice Lab ingredients: Sorrel / Ginger / Pimento / Coconut
Signature Spice Lab Serve: Mai Tai

Andy Stewart of the Albyn in Aberdeen
Spice Lab ingredients: Sweet Cicely Seed / Hogwart Seed / Dehydrated Raspberries / Oats
Signature Spice Lab Serve: Milk Punch

Will Edmondson of The Cove in Brighouse
Spice Lab ingredients: Grapefruit Rind / Toasted Coconut Shavings / Liquorice Root
Signature Spice Lab Serve: Clover Club

Myles Cunliffe of MIXOLOGY in Brighton
Spice Lab ingredients: Guava
Signature Spice Lab Serve: Daiquiri

Jack Nazir of Kuckoo Rocks in Sheffield
Spice Lab ingredients: Sweet Cassava / Green Banana / Star Anise
Signature Spice Lab Serve: Spice Rum and Falernum

Luca Giangolini of sketch in London
Spice Lab ingredients: Cocoa Butter / Cashews / Bayleaves
Signature Spice Lab Serve: Sazerac

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