Stolichnaya Stoli Razberi chocolate raspberry flavoured vodka

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Barcode UPC: 0 83664 87241 1
Bottle Size: 700 ml
Closure: Screw / Stelvin cap

Περισσότερα για το Stolichnaya Stoli Chocolat Razberi

Παράγεται από:: Latvijas Balzams AS
Owned by: SPI Group
UK distribution by: Edrington-Beam Suntory
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alc./vol: 37.5%

Proof: 75°

Χρονιά: Non-vintage

Παλαίωση: Unaged

Χώρα παραγωγής: Product of Latvia Latvia

Launched in 2011, Chocolat Razberi is the 14th variant in Stolichnaya’s flavoured vodka range, which includes Ohranj, Blueberi, Razberi, Vanil, Citros, Cranberi, Peachik, Strasberi, Blakberi, Gala Applik, White Pomegranik and Wild Cherri.
To quote Stoli, "Only the richest portions of the coca bean are extracted to form the base of the chocolate concentrate used to flavour Stoli Chocolat Razberi. Other parts of the bean are distilled to recover intense dark cocoa aromas. These are intermingled with raspberry essence, sweet vanilla notes and a touch of iris flower to create a stunning taste combination."


Η γευσιγνωσία έγινε στις 18/10/2014


Crystal clear.


Pungent raspberry jam, fresh raspberries and vanilla ice-cream. Reminiscent of Eton mess dessert.


Quiet sweet, black pepper, fresh raspberries, sweet raspberry jam with creamy vanilla. Underlying vodka retains freshness.


Cherry, raspberry and dark chocolate with black pepper. Ripe but dry.

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