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Περισσότερα για το Mozart Chocolate Bitters

Παράγεται από:: Mozart Distillerie GmbH
UK distribution by: Eaux de Vie (Marussia Beverages UK Ltd)
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alc./vol: 40%

Proof: 80°

Χρονιά: Non-vintage

Παλαίωση: No age statement

Χώρα παραγωγής: Product of Austria Austria

Mozart is best-known for the chocolate liqueurs it has been making in Salzburg since 1954. These bitters were created by master distiller Dietmar Fadinger on the basis of creating chocolate bitters "that taste like real chocolate".
He used a barrel-aged cocoa macerate, using Forastero and Trinitario cocoa from West Africa, as the base for the product, to which natural aroma extracts from spices including nutmeg, cloves and vanilla were added. The alcoholic base is a fine sugar cane distillate from South Africa. After blending it is allowed to mature again before bottling.


Η γευσιγνωσία έγινε στις 14/01/2016


Clear, chestnut brown.


Milk chocolate and nougat with very faint cherry fruit.


Very concentrated and astringently bitter chocolate with great depth of flavour.


Very very long. Just a few drops on the back of your hand will be smelt by people on the other side of the room.

Συνολική αίσθηση:

A little of these superb and highly concentrated chocolate bitters goes a long way.

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