The Lost Shift

Kentucky Riced Coffee by Tom Pinson

Joseph Hall presents his next favourite in The Lost Shift, the Kentucky Riced Coffee by Tom Pinson. Watch the video above to see Joseph mix this one up at home.

Kentucky Riced Coffee

Method: Quick hard shake just to chill and serve in a highball over ice. No garnish.

50ml Woodford Reserve
25ml Cold brew coffee
200ml Coconut milk Horchata

The Coconut Horchata recipe:
Blend 200g of uncooked white rice with 1200g of water. Leave to sit for 5 hours, the longer the better. Sift out the rice then combine with 150ml of coconut milk, 5g of cinnamon powder, 5g of vanilla extract and 125g of cane sugar. Blend mixture together and strain through a coffee filter.

Cold brew coffee recipe: Use a dark roast coffee with tasting notes of cinnamon and chocolate. Grind 32g of coffee to medium/fine coarseness and add to 500ml of water. Leave to steep for 5 hours then strain.

by Tom Pinson, The Voyage Of Buck, Edinburgh

Joseph says, "Arguably my most unexpected entry for Lost Shift UK, the recipe for the horchata that Tom made was a pleasure to follow and paired delightfully with Woodford Reserve and cold brew coffee. Also - this would make for a great bottled cocktail, made full size and kept in the fridge!"

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