The Lost Shift

Lost Derby by Emilio di Salvo

Joseph's first selected cocktail in The Lost Shift initiative is a twist on a classic Brown Derby. Watch the video above to see Joseph mix up this drink at home.

Lost Derby

Method: Dry shake, shake and strain into a fizz glass.

35ml Woodford Reserve
35ml Pink grapefruit juice
15ml Charred pineapple syrup
20ml Egg white
7.5ml Lemon juice
Pink Grapefruit slice (in shaker)

by Emilio di Salvo, Satan's Whiskers

Emilio says, "Creating shaken drinks has never been my forte. In this time of self-betterment, jogging and baking, I decided to challenge myself to make a shaken bourbon drink that was light and moreish. So I drew inspiration from one of my favourites, a Brown Derby. Replacing the honey with charred pineapple syrup, and adding an egg white making it into a fizz. An egg white in this drink helps accentuate that dry Woodford Reserve finish, one of my favourite things when enjoying it neat.

"It's definitely a drink you can have more than one of, and the charred pineapple brings out the richness of the bourbon. Also with a drink containing a lot of citrus it had to be the best I could find, otherwise it would fall flat. Both lemon and grapefruit are organic and from Italy. Aaaah the old country. As the Kentucky Derby was cancelled this year, the name fits nicely."

Joseph says, "This is such a clever adaptation of a Brown Derby! By rejigging the recipe, adding egg white and a charred pineapple syrup, Emilio has added an extra layer of richness and texture to one of my favourite bourbon classics. Love it."

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