Maybe Mae supports Melbourne bars with Sunday pop-ups

Words by Jane Ryan

Photography by Maybe Mae

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Adelaide bar Maybe Mae will be selling cocktails from six Melbourne bars in a weekly Sunday night pop-up to help direct funds back to the locked-down city, and hopefully help its hospitality survive.

With Melbourne bars confined to a second lockdown that is quickly emptying their already strained pockets, Maybe Mae’s owner Ollie Margan has dreamt up a way to help from afar. From August 16th he and the team will be hosting a weekly Sunday night pop-up called Melbourne, Maybe? where they’ll serve cocktails made and sent from Melbourne bars.

“I wanted to do something to help when we’re all able to trade freely while our friends are shut for a second time. What does help look like right now? I think an extra few dollars in the bank account is the simplest fix,” says Ollie.

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Working with The Black Pearl, Above Board, Byrdi, Romeo Lane, The Everleigh and Capitano, Ollie will buy 100 serves from each venue at $18 each and assemble them, adding ice and perishables, at Maybe Mae before selling them to Adelaide guests at that same $18 price point. Each bar will have their own night and design a four to five drink menu, with the schedule to be announced soon. Ollie and his team are also donating both their time and venue to ensure every single cent goes back to the bars.

“I think this was the best way to go about it – we didn’t want to involve a brand and have the bars have to retro fit their drinks to a portfolio. It’s meant to be easy for them, and a gesture from our venue to theirs.”
It’s a concept Ollie is hoping others around Australia pick up and run with, whether it’s bars in Brisbane, Sydney or Perth.

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If the idea proves popular Ollie is hoping to be able to buy more than the initial 100 serves. “We all owe so much to the Melbourne’s bar scene, and its people aren’t getting the same support as the first closure. The cracks are showing on this second one and everyone’s pockets getting barer. Hopefully Adelaide will come out and support.”

The Schedule

Aug 16 = Black Pearl
Aug 23 = The Everleigh
Aug 30 = Romeo Lane
Sep 6 = Capitano
Sep 13 = Byrdi
Sep 20 = Above Board

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