How to: Upgrade Summer Aperitivo (with just 3 drinks)

Words by Jane Ryan

How to: Upgrade Summer Aperitivo (with just 3 drinks) image 1

Summer and its much-missed aperitivo hour is almost back, you can see whispers of it in the parks at 4pm, and on balconies and in backyards across the suburbs. This summer there’s a new kid on the block, direct from Italy, we think you need to know about it which will upgrade your Spritzes, revolutionise your Martinis and kick boring old G&Ts in the bin. Say hello to Starlino Rosé.

Whether you call it aperitivo hour, sundowners or 5pm drinks, the concept of enjoying the company of friends and some ‘opening’ cocktails before a meal, all bathed in a glowy sunset, is easily one of Italy’s best ideas.

Aperitivo hour is that buzz and warmth right at the beginning of an evening, felt three sips into your first drink, when the day seems at its absolute best. It's a concept that the rest of the world has largely embraced now too, no longer confined to Milan's squares, the practice has sprawled out across Europe, American and here too, in Australia.

As a nation, we've done well enjoying Italy's imported hour (or hours, typically this golden time lasts from sundown till dinner, so stretch it for as long as you can), but by and large we've hooked on to one or two aperitivo drinks and not moved on. Excitingly, there's a whole world of delicious bittersweet liqueurs and vermouths to discover and this one - Starlino Rosé, as well as its sisters Starlino Rosso and Starlino Arancione - is brand new in Australia.

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Starlino Rosé is a stunning pale blush pink colour, based on Italian Trebbiano wine with botanicals including wormwood, elderflower and coriander with pink grapefruit, Italian strawberries and raspberries, orange peel and lemon peel. And yes, it tastes as good as it sounds.

For anyone nervous about the bitter in bittersweet, Starlino Rosé brings plenty of rose, berries and cherry flavours alongside a citrus acidity so the bitterness is very minimal, just enough to balance the perfect cocktail. We've got three easy drinks for you to try with this new aperitivo that will get you living the dolce vita lifestyle immediately. We may have missed European summer but that doesn't mean we've giving up our dreams of Spritzes and sunshine for a second.

You can get your hands on a bottle of Starlino Rosé at Dan Murphys.



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Serve in Wine glass
Garnish: Grapefruit slice
How to make: POUR ingredients into ice-filled glass.
1 Part Starlino Rosé
1 Part Prosecco
1 Part Soda

Perfect for beachside picnics and park cricket, take your three bottles down to your friends with an ice bag and pour in equal parts into some plastic wine cups. It's bright, gently fruity and perfect for the start of summer. Pair with bags of open crisps, juicy olives and messy burrata on paper plates.


ency 37 image

Serve in Flute
Garnish: Starlino Maraschino Cherry
How to make: POUR ingredients into glass.
1 Part Starlino Rosé
2 Part Prosecco
TOP with grapefruit juice

Perfect for lazy afternoons and long lunches at home, this cocktail is a refreshing alternative to Kir Royals or too-sweet Mimosas. Pair with lots of gluten, things like pasta salads, flaky pastries and fresh bread with ripe tomatoes.


ency 62 image

Serve inMartini glass or coupe
Garnish: Starlino Maraschino Cherries
How to make: STIR all ingredients with ice and strain into chilled glass.
1 Part Starlino Rosé
1 Part Vodka

Perfect for balcony sundowners, this drink is for your Negroni diehards and your Martini lovers who need a little kick outside of their comfort zone. The zesty, bittersweet flavours of Starlino Rosé really shine with a backbone of rounded vodka to create a stronger yet enjoyable drink for those who like to sip without fizz. Trust us, this works.

Starlino Rosé is one of the Hotel Starlino range alongside Starlino Rosso, a vermouth, and Starlino Arancione, an orange aperitivo.

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