Mastering the Spritz Occasion with Danilo Migliorini

Words by Jane Ryan

Mastering the Spritz Occasion with Danilo Migliorini image 1

Ever since the Spritz first packed its bags and departed Italy on a round the world trip it brought with it more than just its ingredients. The Spritz came with an occasion, very European in its nature, that is unlike any drinking ritual we have. But what is the occasion and why is the Spritz so attached to it?

We turned to Danilo Migliorini, brand ambassador for Tia Maria and Disaronno, for some much needed Italian advice of the matter. Here's what he had to say.

ency 18 imageDM: If you've never heard of, or experienced what the Spritz or Aperitivo moment is, this is how I describe it; Aperitivo is simply the perfect occasion to have a break, meet up with friends and drink delicious cocktails while eating savoury snacks. Cocktails are a super important part of this but they are not the only part - every element is essential.

Start Your Evening with a Spritz
Spritzes fit into this occasion perfectly and Aperitivo time is absolutely the most common time of the day where people order a Spritz. However, it is becoming more and more popular to order a Spritz to start off a meal, although Spritzes are not as popular as stronger drinks that people tend to order after dinner. So if it's not Aperitivo time it's still early in the evening.

ency 55 image

Go Slow
Now just because these drinks can taste light, it doesn't always mean they are and you don't want to end Aperitivo time drunk. You should be relaxed and happy. My advice is to drink responsibly and enjoy your Spritzes with food so you can slow down and enjoy the occasion.

Invest in Good Prosecco
Whether you're making a traditional Select Spritz or a more modern recipe like a Limoncello Spritz, I believe that a good quality prosecco is a must to get the best outcome for everyone to enjoy.

Experiment Outside of Traditional Aperitivo Liqueurs
Fiorente Elderflower, Disaronno, Villa Massa limoncello - these are all products we are starting to see become used in the Spritz (or fizz) occasion. These are valid and delicious alternatives to a classic Spritz and there are more and more venues listing different styles of Spritzes to satisfy every customers' tastes. I believe that offering different alternatives is undoubtedly good so people can enjoy a variety of cocktails with different taste profiles. Definitely explore what's out there!

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Food, Food, Food
Chips, pieces of focaccia or pizza are the best! But also little panini and honestly speaking, everything savoury.

Danilo's Favourite Spritz Recipes

The Classic: Select Spritz
ency 35 imageSelect is often credited as the very first Italian bitter to be added to the Spritz formula, thus forming part of the Original Venetian Spritz. You can't get more classic or authentic Italian than this.
Serve in Wine glass
Garnish: Large green olive
How to make: POUR all your ingredients into an ice-filled wine glass and briefly STIR so as not to lose fizz.
3 parts prosecco, 2 parts Select, 1 splash soda water

The Underrated: Limoncello Spritz
ency 30 imageZesty, almost creamy, this Spritz is pure lemon enlivened with fizz.
Serve in Wine glass
Garnish: Lemon wheel and fresh basil leaves
How to make: POUR all your ingredients into an ice-filled wine glass and briefly STIR so as not to lose fizz.
60ml Villa Massa, 60ml Prosecco, Top with a splash of soda water

The Undiscovered: Disaronno Fizz
ency 46 imageLight and refreshing, the lemon and almond notes balance perfectly in this modern recipe.
Serve in Wine glass
Garnish: Lemon wheel
How to make: POUR all your ingredients into an ice-filled wine glass and briefly STIR so as not to lose fizz.
45ml Disaronno, 15ml fresh lemon juice, Top with soda (club soda) water

Popular, For A Good Reason: Fiorente Elderflower Spritz
ency 62 imageA long, easy drinking summer cooler.
Serve in: Collins glass
Garnish: Lime slice
How to make: POUR wine and Fiorente into an ice-filled glass. TOP with soda.
60ml Sauvignon blanc wine, 45ml Fiorente Elderflower liqueur, 60ml soda (club soda) water

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