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Beefeater MIXLDN - Marianna Kozanyiova

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Winning cocktail: The North Land Reviver

"A cocktail tribute to Copenhagen, following the hint of liquorice within Beefeater London Dry gin and reviving nordic flavours of Danish national spirit Akvavit by using its 2 main ingredients, dill and caraway, along with local nordic buckthorn berries, within oxymel that calls for herbs and pairs well with sour notes.

Enriched by orange bitters and Lillet Blanc, which brings dryness and fruitiness, complementing the base spirit. Finished by a hint of absinthe to strengthen the herbal flavours."

60ml Beefeater London Dry gin
30ml Buckthorn, dill, caraway, oxymel, honey and apple vinegar syrup
15ml lemon juice
15ml Lillet Blanc
2 dash Absinthe
2 dash Orange bitters

Garnish with a buckthorn powder rim.

Pour all ingredients into a shaker, add ice, shake well and double strain into chilled rimmed cocktail glass.

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