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Winning cocktail: El Viaje del Alma (Journey of the Soul)

"My cocktail, "journey of the soul" is inspired by the day of the dead in Mexico City that takes place on the 2nd of November. More specifically, it is mainly based on the day of the dead festival that takes place in Janitzio, the main island of his city Michoacán. During this day of the dead festival, fisherman carry people in boats to the cemetary located on the island which symbolises "the journey of the soul" in purgatory. It is a twist on a gin fizz mixed with sweet and fresh flavours, inspired by the desserts or biscuits people have with their cup of tea in London."

60ml Beefeater London Dry gin
40ml Guava marmalade
30ml Yogurt natural
30ml Lemon juice
1 egg white
Topped with soda
Orange blossom water

Garnish: 2 Mexican Marigold flowers (typical during day of the dead) one skull carved from sugar

Shake (three times) first with ice, second dry shake, third wet shake again. Topped with soda water and perfumed with orange blossom.

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