How to juice pomegranates

Words by Simon Difford

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As with all fruit juices, "fresh is best." However, pomegranates appear more challenging to juice than other fruits. Happily, they are much easier to juice than most think.

By far the easiest way to juice pomegranates is using a lever squeezer (a.k.a. pillar press) juicer.
1. Cut your pomegranates in half, around the equator (as depicted above).
2. Place halves, cut side down, in lever press.
3. Ensure a container is positioned under press to collect juice
4. Squeeze pomegranates by pulling down on the press' leaver.
5. Although pomegranates' white pith is bitter, there's no need to fine strain as the strainer built into the pillar press should remove most of the pith to leave rich red pomegranate juice in the container under the press.
6. Each ripe pomegranate yields approx. 60ml of juice.

Pomegranate juice cocktails

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