Spirited Reviews April 2015

Words by Simon Difford

The following are new products we've received and other products reviewed during April 2015.

Products are listed according to the diffordsguide rating awarded to them. Please click on product names for tasting notes and further information.

diffordsguide rating 5+/5 [outstanding]

Yaguara Cachaça
Yaguara's flavour lives up to its impressive bottle with chamomile, lemongrass and slight cane sweetness.

Ragnaud-Sabourin Fontveille No.35
A huge cognac with incredible fineness.

Brew by Numbers 12|02 Barrel Aged Imperial Porter
Rich and yet dry. Roasted malt, charcoal and mocha coffee.

Romate Marismeno Fino Sherry
Superbly clean and cleansing with lingering acidity.

Romate NPU Amontilado
Wonderfully complex with wonderful green olive flavours.

Romate Regente Palo Catado
Fino freshness meets an oloroso.

Romate Don Jose Oloroso sherry
Almost a liquid tapenade but fantastically so.

Romate Iberia Cream Sherry
A wonderfully complex dessert wine.

diffordsguide rating 5/5 [exceptional]

Schladerer Williams-Birne eaux-de-vie
Dry and complex. Wonderfully aromatic nose and superbly clean flavoursome palate but with bone dry slightly tannic finish.

Maxime Trijol Grande Champagne VSOP Cognac
Delicate and floral. Comparable with many XO cognacs.

Lick Pier Ginger Beer
Pleasing degree of ginger spice. The packaging, cloudy appearance and taste all shout 'craft'.

Schladerer Zwetschgenwasser (Plum Brandy)
The fruit's stone brings maraschino and almond notes to this complex plum eau-de-vie.

Schladerer Obstwasser (Apple & Pear Brandy)
Pear leads this fabulously fruity eau-de-vie with parma violet and red apple.

Schladerer Himbeergeist (Raspberry Brandy)
Long lingering fresh raspberry with light peppery spice.

diffordsguide rating 4.5/5 [excellent]

Angostura 1919 Rum
Zesty citrus, mocha coffee and vanilla with faint new Tupperware Box-like notes (in a good way).

Angostura 1824
Zesty mocha coffee and vanilla.

Angostura 7 year old
Coffee, chocolate and sweet spice.

Ciroc Pineapple flavoured vodka
Confected rather than fresh succulent pineapple, but people like confectionery and this vodka is remarkable moreish when sipped, even at room temperature.

Baron de Sigognac 10 Year Old Armagnac
An almost chewy armagnac that's perfectly suited to a cigar.

Patron Anejo tequila
Caramel, vanilla fudge and black pepper spice.

Bulleit Bourbon 10 Year Old Frontier Whiskey
Full-bodied, toasty, spicy and rounded.

anCnoc Cutter Highland single malt scotch whisky
Sump oil covered crusty banquette filled with pear and apple with an orange zest twist.

Schladerer Mirabell (Golden Plum Brandy)
This peppery plum brands has pronounced notes of raspberry jam and almond.

Cognac Frapin V.S.O.P. Grande Champagne
This VSOP cognac displays the elegant, floral style associated with Grande Champagne.

Romate Ambrosia Moscatel Sherry
Big and very rich.

diffordsguide rating 4/5 [recommended]

Appleton Estate Rare Blend 12 year old Jamaican rum
Fabulous nose but perhaps a tad too much buttery oak on the palate and finish.

Angostura 5 Year Old Rum
Lightly bitter tar notes and spice balance passion fruit, vanilla and caramel.

Angostura Reserva white rum
Subtle chocolate and spearmint notes feature throughout this light rum.

Dictador Orange 100 Months Aged Columbian Rum
A subtly orange flavoured rum with a dry palate.

Berneroy VSOP Calvados
Well-balanced and great value.

Beavertown Ger'onimo
A spiritus imperial stout with rich molasses countering bitter coal tar notes.

Chandon Rosé NV Argentina
An aperitif-style rosé with berry sweetness balanced by brawny acidity.

diffordsguide rating 3.5/5 [commended]

diffordsguide rating 3/5 [mediocre]

San Miguel Sin 0.0 Authentica
Overall: As non-alcohol beer goes this could be a lot worse. Other than a faint metallic note there is nothing terrible about San Miguel Sin - it just lacks flavour - it has no alcohol.

Somersby Cider Apple Burst
More reminiscent of sweetened apple juice than a 'true' cider but Somersby Cider Apple's clean, zingy apple freshness will appeal to young drinkers.

diffordsguide rating 2.5/5 [disappointing]

Hooch alcoholic lemon brew
A sugary icing note is perhaps as prevalent as lemon flavours.

Somersby Cider With Cranberry
Reminiscent of sweet, mildly alcoholic cranberry boiled sweets (hard candy).

diffordsguide rating 2/5 [pretty awful]

diffordsguide rating 1.5/5 [shameful]

diffordsguide rating 1.5/5 [disgusting]

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