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Words by Simon Difford

Musicians used to be judged on their record sales. Today digital downloads are the measure of a musician's popularity. Similarly, 24 years ago when I started booze writing, we produced print magazines and were judged on our circulation. Now it's unique users and page views. So, with this in mind, what are the most visited drinks related websites?

There are conservatively over 200 million active websites, so any website ranked in the top million is doing pretty well while those ranked in the top 100,000 most-visited sites are doing very well - either by spending a load on marketing and/or by producing appealing content.

To find the world's top 200 drinks websites and rank them according to their traffic we consulted Operated by Amazon, shouldn't be confused with their much more recent virtual voice assistant, inexplicably also named Alexa. Anyway, Alexa monitors the traffic of every website and ranks them accordingly, updating its rankings daily from a site's traffic average across the preceding three months. Google is the world's most visited website, so Alexa ranks #1, ahead of #2 and #3. We've indicted Alexa's ranking for the following 200+ sites on 6th January 2021 along with their corresponding ranking last time we updated this page on 2nd January 2020 (the number in brackets).

We've tracked the rankings of the leading drinks websites and blogs for over a decade and it is telling how in recent years big money websites have entered and quickly climbed this chart. Apart from Pernod Ricard with its and Diageo with several sites including, the drink conglomerates have been slow to develop their own websites.

Despite having a tiny team, Difford's Guide ranks among the 100,000 most-visited websites – one of the few independent family-owned sites to do so. We've achieved this lofty position purely through organic growth - we don't pay any search engines to promote us (can't afford to), nor do we advertise with banners on other websites (can't afford that either). Our traffic numbers are entirely thanks to folk like you and we are only able to offer our content to you thanks to the support of drinks companies big and small - many of which are also family-owned. Many thanks to you all!

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